Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just a quick little update here. There are no pictures to be shared because it still didn't look like much but we saw the heart flickering away on the monitor, and we saw the bean bounce or jump or what have you. That was the cutest part. I was like, "Is it moving?" The doctor said, "No, not right now," but then it went **bloop** right up on the screen! Yay!

The doctor says he puts the due date at November 30th which I know is way too late in the game, because I found out the day I missed my period. There is just no way I would've caught it when I was technically 2 weeks pregnant because that would've been conception. So I'm gonna leave it around the 17th and maybe a few days after. So here we go.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Super Mom I Am Not

...But, I had visions of being one of those moms who bought and prepared all organic food for her children. Delusions of grandeur, it would appear. In the past week, Jamie has tried and thoroughly enjoyed lasagna, chef boyardee ravioli, a slice of cheese pizza, an entire corn dog, and an ice cream cone. Granted, my mother and grandmother were both present for the ice cream and it was, in fact, at Nanny's request that I gave him the first lick. Disclaimer: The pizza and corn dog were, of course, both torn into bite sized chunks and served with a delicious cup of whole milk.

I would really like to say that we simply don't have the money to buy all organic. True. Or that there aren't really any local organic stores. Partially true. But the simple truth of the matter is that I want him to eat these things. I want him to have all the things we thought were delicious when we were kids (and still do). Now is it also true that I've grown up to be terribly obese? Yes, it is. Loving friends, I appreciate that it's in your nature to negate this but it doesn't change the hard cold fact. I am obese. But my brother and mother and father all enjoyed these things as children and grew up to be healthy adults in the weight department. None of them are even close to overweight. The difference is that I am lazy. But those children will not be my children. How is it even possible to let weight get that out of control?

If there is one thing that I do plan on instilling in my children, it's that activity is so important. I don't think it will be hard because my husband was involved in karate and was outdoors all the time as a child. My brother enjoyed amazing stints in karate and baseball, and while my mother tried to have me involved in things like ballet and softball (at my request) I quickly lost interest due to bad experiences with snobbish girls. I hope to find positive people for Jamie and his sibling(s) to play with. I know there's always that one kid but when you are the awkward chubby kid who's not that good and they all talk about you behind your back it becomes really hard to enjoy. I had a great experience in band and I hope to find something like that for my kids where they fit in. Be it football, soccer, swimming, ballet, band, martial arts, track, etc. I want them to find something early that they enjoy and feel good doing so they have a positive experience with exercise!

Then I can say yes to hamburgers and french fries and pizza and ice cream. Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to feed them only junk and be the mom with the 300 lb. six year old, but I'm not going to stress the occasional Happy Meal. Besides, how can I deny the pure joy on this face?