Saturday, May 9, 2009

Holy Moly Month


Well, it would appear that it is time to start packing. Holy cow! I'm excited but really, of all months this year! The only one that could've been worse would've been November when the new Belew arrives. Here's a little preview of our days before the closing on May 29th and the move on May 30th were scheduled.

May 2-3: Drill Weekend for Tyler
May 3rd: Jamie's First Birthday Party
May 4-9: Tyler works shifts at Vought & the Guard base all day
May 9: Last minute shopping for our 9 day vacation to FL
May 10: Renaissance Festival (which is part of my Mother's Day and planned weeks ago when it was totally feasible)
May 13: Jamie's 12 month shots
May 14: OB visit for me
May 15: Hair appointment before trip and shower (1st time since last November so it's not like I'm being a diva or anything)
May 16: Host Erika's Baby Shower
May 17-26: Trip to Florida which is unchangeable at this point at only a week away and totally inconvenient. haha
May 29: PreK graduation and my last day at work

Now it is May 9th at 4am and I can't sleep because there is obviously much to do! I have a feeling there will be little sleep this next week. Next thursday a POD is being delivered so we can load up before the vacation. Next friday we have a walk-thru scheduled on the house we'll be purchasing. At some point in the next week, Tyler has to make it out to my parents' house to bleach down their outdoor kennel for Max & Mattie to stay in til the move and their brand spankin' new yard with a privacy fence! Also I have to pack an entire house before next saturday. Saturday morning Tyler will have to have a mini-moving sell to get rid of big items that we won't be taking and saturday around noon he'll have to load the big items we will be taking into the POD. Then sometime on sunday before we leave for Georgia, we'll have to drive to my parents to drop off the dogs! WHEW!

Then, when we get back we'll be staying with someone for a few days because we have to be totally out by the 29th which is the closing date for this house we live in now and on saturday morning the 30th we'll be closing on the new house and can start moving in, but first we want to get as much of it painted as possible on saturday so that we won't have to worry about doing it with little toddler hands living there.

As you can clearly see by now, we need help...lots and lots and lots of help. I'm not even sure if the previous paragrahs are coherent at this point, but this one will be. I need boxes. Loads. If you can spare them, I need them and I need them now. I will need patience from the ladies at work because I'm gonna need every second of packing time I can manage this week which means long days at daycare for Jamie. This is something I am not pleased about and never do. He's usually there about 2.5 hours a day! I feel like, if I'm not there, he shouldn't be either but this week it's a must. Tyler could use some Mega Men on saturday the 16th as I will be frantically assembling, hosting, disassembling, and trying to enjoy (which shouldn't be hard considering the company) a baby shower that's been planned since January. He will definitely need help around lunch on that day to load the big items into the POD since I wouldn't be able to help with that part anyway "in my condition." On the 30th, I'm gonna take a cue from the Wallaces and Host a humongous painting "party." We need as much painted as possible so anyone who can and is willing to wield a brush, I am asking for your help. I'll have pizza delivered for the hungry workers and we'll get as much knocked out as possible. Then we'll be set to move in to the house.

I'm at least, really thankful that my last day of work is the 29th for now so I can focus on unpacking and playing with Jamie in a more sane, less crazy-moving mom manner. Thanks so very much if you took the time to read this.

The Belews

Friday, May 8, 2009

Come One, Come All

Here's my sorry that I've been lacking in the blog department. Much has happened since "Bellybean." For starters, Jamie is now a one year old! He's also toddling around from place to place. He's still quite clumsy, but with his 80th percentile head teetering above his 10th percentile body, who could blame him? Those numbers were from his nine month check-up. His 12 month will be next wednesday. I still expect his noggin to be above average. He's sick right now and we had to go to the hospital. The doctor there said he has a large head and when i told him the percentile he was like, "And is someone monitoring that?!" What?! I assume his pediatrician is. Apparently, I have a freak show baby. Maybe I could get rich if I enrolled him in a Circus Tots program. "Come and see the Living Bobblehead! You won't believe your eyes!" I mean, clearly my son has a sizeable head, but I like to think that it's there to house his sizeable brain. Thanks Doc, for giving me a complex, as if I don't have enough of those already. I'm just thankful that Jamie isn't old enough for such insecurities.

His birthday celebration was wonderful. He tried to eat his cake with a spoon. The only part he truly got messy with were the cookie ears (it was a monkey cake). Now my baby is officially a toddler and I adore him more everyday. Just when I think "You're so cute I can't handle it," he gets even cuter.

As for the current pregnancy, I've lost weight so far and I pretty much feel like the infamous pumpkin, unless I'm asleep. Please pray that it ends this time. Not the pregnancy, obviously that will end when it's time. I mean the misery. I know I got through it once already, but I'd really prefer a happier experience this time. Loathing pregnancy doesn't really make it any easier.